Pee Wee Pine Pellets Cat Litter, 14L

$24.90 available on subscription

  • Comes in a 9KG size
  • Fantastic odour control – naturally!
  • Keeps paws dry and dust-free
  • Two-tier litter system sifts soiled litter to the bottom
  • One bag lasts a month per one cat household


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Sawdust from spruce and pine

Directions for Use

Fill PeeWee cat litter up to the marking (2cm) in the PeeWee cat litter tray. Once or twice a week, shake the upper tray so that dissolved litter falls to the lower section. Throw away the dissolved litter collected in the lower tray.

Additional information

Weight 9 kg

12 reviews for Pee Wee Pine Pellets Cat Litter, 14L

  1. lengedwin (verified owner)

    litter does not smell and able to last quite long for 1 bag. hassle free trying to clean it as well.

  2. fei.cho (verified owner)

    Fantastic litter – it doesn’t have an artificial or overwhelming fragrance (strong scents are not advisable for our cats’ sensitive nosies anyway!) – instead it has a neutral woody smell you kinda associate with saw dust or hamster wood shavings. The pellets disintegrate into fluffy damp “sand” instead of clumping which can be scooped and disposed of easily (best to use the recommended litter tray I guess!)

    There’s still a little clinging to my cat’s paws post-toilet visit but it’s not as bad as normal clay litter.

  3. Khusniah (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this and nothing else since the first time I got my 3 cats. Easy to clean, very minimal clinging to the paws (none, most times) and most importantly, if you remove the poo diligently, the house would not smell at all.

  4. Jia Yin (verified owner)

    Smells better that other brands cat litter. Have to change every 1-2 weeks with more than 1 cat using it. Sawdust tends to fly out onto the floor as the cat leaps out of the pit, so there is a need to sweep the floor everyday.

  5. bumblemore (verified owner)

    Still the best litter I’ve used. Putting on new litter quickly absorbs odours, which helps.

  6. izzaty-akmal (verified owner)

    Best litter I’ve used so far. No weird odours and last long.

  7. Nur Rin (verified owner)

    I have been using this cat litter for more than a year which explains the repeated purchases. Does not smell and is value for money. Lasts for a month for each pack for my two cats. Highly recommended. ??

  8. Christine Lee (verified owner)

    Have been using this litter for many years for my cats. One pack can last my two cats for a long while. It doesn’t have any artificial smell to it at all. Lastly, neko jam sells it at the cheapest price you can get!

  9. adengbx (verified owner)

    Super amazing and masks every smell even the stinkiest cat poop!! Does not smell artificial at all.

  10. bumblemore (verified owner)

    I like this natural litter and it’s good value for money. 1 pack can last for quite some time. It absorbs odours very well.

  11. rocksoulbaby (verified owner)

    Subscription program does NOT mention that there is a recurring delivery fee of $4 charged every month which means the actual price is $20.45 for the subscription plan. This information is only reflected once credit card is charged. Please make your website more transparent. Thank you.

    • Debrah Lau (verified owner)

      Hello Sarah! I understand that someone has reached out to you to assist with the delivery fee you’ve incurred on your subscription. Free deliveries apply to all orders placed via our website so long they hit our minimum requirement. At this moment it is $39 per order. As your subscription fell below this amount, you incurred our flat shipping fee of $4 on top of your subscription. I hope this provides some clarity. If you require further assistance, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team and we will be glad to help. 🙂

  12. rhymeswithfishy (verified owner)

    Very cost efficient and easy clean ups. I love the smell of sawdust. It hides the smell of pee and poo well.

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