F10 Disinfectant Wipes 100pc

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  • Single-use wipes
  • Convenient & biodegradable
  • Packed with diluted F10 Super Concentrate Disinfectant
  • Non-irritating or corrosive
  • Kind on skin, suitable for use on hands

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F10 Disinfectant Wipes

Convenient biodegradable, single-use wipes impregnated with F10SC for instant clean up and disinfection*. F10 Disinfection Wipes are highly effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses, and the F10SC disinfectant which impregnates the wipes is at a 1:100 dilution, a dilution proven effective against the most resistant viruses, including circovirus (PBFD), parvovirus and coronavirus.

100 wipes (each approx 110mm x 120mm) sold with a dispensing tub.

The F10 disinfectant wipes are highly effective and yet non-irritant and non-corrosive so can be effectively and frequently used on surfaces and equipment. They are also kind on skin so can be used for hand decontamination when washing facilities are unavailable.

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